Big hearts for those in need

When tragedy strikes, we strive to do our part. This year, we were presented with the opportunity to help those in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria. And we immediately sprang into action.

At Arcadia Beverage, we have access to pure mountain spring water, so in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, we wanted to ensure survivors had access to clean drinking water, along with other basic necessities, like baby food, hygiene products and easy-to-open food.

We typically manufacture juices and teas at Arcadia, so you don’t usually see water sliding through our machines. But for Puerto Rico we tapped the Mount Pisgah aquifer to bottle 40,000 gallons of water. And we partnered with Highland Brewing for Operation Puerto Rico Strong to send this and countless supplies to those in need. We hope that with our help — and the help of so many other organizations — Puerto Rico will bounce back stronger than ever.

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