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From Dream to Drink

Your customers are thirsty. We can help with that. If you’re curious, we can even tell you what they’re thirsty for. Whether you have a formulation for a new drink or you want a private-label solution, Arcadia helps you quickly bring your beverage to market.

Build Your Brand

Our market data gives you insight into flavor and health trends. And our marketing team provides complete brand support, label design, merchandising assistance, and go-to-market strategies.

Formulate the Flavor

In our state-of-the-art lab, onsite food scientists craft your custom beverage. And when they’re not mixing your unique formula, they’re devising ways to keep all the flavor and increase the shelf life, while reducing sugar and removing preservatives.

Tap the Best Sources

We go straight to the source for flavor and raw materials, working with leading food materials partners and tapping the mountain spring water that flows directly from the Mt. Pisgah aquifer into our facility.

Produce the Drinks

In our 200,000-square-foot facility, we produce up to 500,000 gallons/day (with room to grow). And we bottle beverages onsite in sizes ranging from 6.75 oz. to 128 oz.

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Pay Attention to Every Last Detail

Every aspect of your beverage—from branding and formulation to labeling and bottling—can happen right here in our facility. This single source supply chain lets us ensure the consistency and quality of your drink at every stage of the process.

Get it There. Right, On Time

We move more than 15,000 trucks a year—and we’re known for quick load times. We ship dry or refrigerated freight in full truckloads or LTL at highly competitive rates. Each case is barcoded and scanned both entering and exiting the warehouse to ensure complete traceability of all products. And our world-class scheduling and ERP systems ensure every delivery reaches its destination on time, as planned.

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Our facility is one of the finest in the world. We invite you to come see it for yourself.

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